Find Your Place in Northern NJ’s Luxury Real Estate Market


Northern New Jersey is fast becoming a focal point for those in search of high-end condos and townhomes. It’s one of the few remaining areas offering just the right blend of affordable luxury accommodations and ample amenities. NRIA has been at the forefront of this development since its beginning during the latter half of 2009, and we will continue to lead the local market in luxury real estate investment during the years to come.

New Jersey Neighborhoods Are Drawing in the Masses

People across the nation as well as abroad are looking to move right now. They want to be near America’s nerve centers and as close as possible to the heart of the action. As fate would have it, though, many of the neighborhoods once attracting new interest are beginning to lose their luster. Exorbitant costs of living and unbearable congestion are only a few of the aspects driving people away from those hubs.

North Jersey, on the other hand, isn’t letting high demand go to its head. Even in the most well-appointed communities, prices remain well below those of neighboring areas like NYC where the cost of living recently climbed to almost 150 percent above the national average. Incoming residents are quick to take advantage of the opportunities available to them here in our area.

New residents flooding into our neighborhoods are also realizing they don’t have to sacrifice the amenities they’re accustomed to in the cities they’re hoping to escape. Plenty of local shopping, dining, entertainment and business opportunities await them right here, and the options are continually growing. Northern New Jersey is close to some of the best beaches on the East Coast and the nation’s most gorgeous winter snowfalls as well.

On top of all that, we’re within close proximity to other popular cities, like NYC and Philly. A short drive or train ride is all it takes to venture outside North Jersey to those nearby hubs. For these reasons and several others, people are flocking to the area in droves. At NRIA, we’re here to help investors accommodate the influx.

Multifamily Housing is Soaring in Popularity

Not all that long ago, the majority of people in the market for a new home were veering toward standalone houses. They wanted to own their own little pieces of the American dream and didn’t want to share those spaces with others. Things have changed.

Today’s New Jersey real estate market is filled with people who are no longer interested in purchasing houses and a few acres to go along with them. They want apartments, condominiums and townhomes; at the same time, they’re looking for high-end options with multiple benefits and amenities.

Over the last several years, people have increasingly begun to understand the many advantages of these types of homes. They’re perfect ways for residents to have their own spaces without shouldering the burdens of maintenance and upkeep. Luxury units also come with a wide range of other benefits, such as chauffeur and concierge services, onsite gyms, yoga and massage sessions, rooftop dog parks and jogging tracks, exclusive bars and restaurants and numerous additional bonuses.

In light of the surging demand, these types of properties are growing increasingly difficult to come by. As such, new developments are the key to fostering North Jersey’s rising popularity. NRIA is here to make sure the movement continues to gain momentum. Breaking into this niche of the local real estate market may not be easy for newcomers, but with our help, it’s well within reach.

Why Choose NRIA for Your Real Estate Acquisition and Development Needs?

We specialize in high-end apartment, townhome and condo acquisition and development in New Jersey. Because we’ve been in the industry since 2006, we know the local real estate market inside and out. We witnessed the latest developments unfold firsthand, and we’re well aware of the challenges investors face whether they’ve been in the field for decades or are only beginning to test the waters.

As a vertically-integrated investment platform, we cover every aspect of the industry. Our team offers in-depth and diverse experience in property acquisition, development, finance and project management to name a few. Our extensive network of partnerships encompasses every phase of the process from seeking out the best listings for purchase and investment to providing ongoing property management services after development is complete. Visit our About Us page to learn more about our company, experience and partners.

Over the last decade alone, we’ve acquired and developed well over 1,000 high-end residential units with square footage valued at more than $1.13 billion. In excess of $325 million in projects are currently underway. Some of NRIA’s current projects include Green Roof Condominium, The Afton of Morris, The Station, and Hoboken Heights, to name a few. These figures will continue to grow and spread across the New Jersey market as well as those in Philadelphia, Brooklyn and Florida during the years to come. Feel free to browse our Projects page to see some of the developments we’ve had a hand in.

Find Your Place in North Jersey’s Rising Real Estate Market

Real estate markets across the nation are experiencing unprecedented shifts. People are leaving some of the nation’s most well-known financial, business, cultural and entertainment hubs in throngs. They’re heading out in search of more favorable opportunities in less overpriced and overpopulated areas. While the single-family luxury home market hasn’t waned altogether, those looking to relocate are leaning toward luxury apartments, condos and townhomes more so now than ever before.

Northern New Jersey fits the bill nicely. It’s an affordable alternative still capable of offering all the conveniences and amenities newcomers are looking for. Because of this, local properties are hot commodities right now; in fact, the demand could potentially outweigh the supply before long. Now is the time to take advantage of the investment and development opportunities awaiting you.

NRIA is here to offer guidance and far-reaching connections every step of the way. Our team stands ready to use its experience to your advantage. Visit our News pages to keep abreast of the latest developments in our company as well as the local real estate industry, and don’t hesitate to contact us via the form we’ve provided to learn more about the investment opportunities at your disposal.