Why Should I Work With a Real Estate Advisor?


Business owners and investors alike understand the importance of hiring accountants and attorneys for certain tasks. Where real estate is concerned, however, even experienced developers aren’t really sure why they should work with real estate advisors. Below, you’ll learn about the real estate advisor’s role and the benefits of working with such a professional.

Knowledge and Experience

Real estate purchases are sizable investments, and that’s why many clients turn to advisors for help. The real estate field covers a variety of properties, from commercial to residential, and it takes a specialist to sift through all that information and make solid recommendations. To minimize the risks of these investments, you’ll need expert advice, and a real estate advisor can provide it. With a team member who’s seen and done it all, you’ll get the peace of mind needed to address sudden situations.

Putting Clients Above Commissions

In the real estate business, incentives are part of the game. Sometimes those incentives are in line with your goals, and sometimes they’re not. A real estate advisor’s reputation depends on offering clients the best possible services and advice. They work for you, and they don’t count on closings to make commissions. For instance, if you’re buying a commercial property, a consultant will look for hidden problems while helping you get the maximum value for your investment.

Even more importantly, the best real estate advisors have an all-encompassing view of how their skills fit your needs. If they’ve finished their work, they can connect you with other experts who will handle the next steps in the process.

Less Paperwork

Buying, developing, and selling real estate is serious business, and there’s a substantial amount of paperwork that comes with it. Documentation on some processes, like construction and entitlement, can quickly become overwhelming to the average buyer. Here, a real estate advisor’s skills are invaluable.

Real estate consultants are great at helping clients cut through bureaucratic red tape. With their experience and professionalism, they will answer questions about the process while giving you strategies to minimize the amount of paperwork required. By hiring a real estate advisor, it’s possible to bypass the bureaucracy.

Reclaiming Your Time

If you’re a business owner or an expert investor, you’re busy enough without the additional stress of handling all aspects of real estate purchasing and development. Even if you’re looking for a residential property, saving time is a big deal because it allows you to focus on other parts of life.

Sometimes, those who are unsure of why they should hire an advisor are convinced when they see how time-consuming the real estate purchase process can be. Because consultants take care of all the details for you, they’ll help you save time. They’ll do their job, protect your interests, and help you spend your time on more important things.

Negotiating On Your Behalf

Real estate consultants serve as middlemen between buyers and sellers. However, unlike agents, they work exclusively for the client. They’re motivated to ensure that transactions go smoothly and you get a good return on your investment. Because advisors act on your behalf, they’ll take care of purchase negotiations as well. With an advisor representing you and considering your goals, you won’t have to worry about the minor details of the purchase process.

Understanding Legal and Tax Rules

Buying and selling real estate comes with a wide range of taxation and legal issues. For example, taxes will quickly consume your profits to the extent that you may have to rebuild an investment strategy from the bottom up. However, a real estate advisor will help you minimize costs while remaining in compliance with the law. Though capital gains taxes are so high that it’s typically inadvisable to sell several properties in a single tax year, an advisor will help you time those transactions in a way that decreases your tax liability.

Access to Legal Counsel

Consultants and advisors have access to attorneys when it’s necessary. When buying or leasing a residential or commercial property, it’s important to protect yourself and your interests. It’s a wise decision to have all contracts reviewed by an attorney, and by hiring an advisor, you’ll ensure that all the legal details are taken care of.

Full Disclosure

Consultants and advisors can disclose information regarding the property owner or seller’s motivation, transaction history, and other factors that listing agents aren’t always willing to share. The more information you have, the easier it is to make an informed decision, and the less likely you are to encounter issues during a real estate transaction.

Services for Property Sellers

If they own commercial properties, a seller can choose an advisory model and pre-pay a percentage of the listing fee. This non-refundable percentage is for the expert’s time spent performing listing tasks, doing a market analysis, and valuing the property. Other services can be contracted on an individual basis and paid for in lieu of a commission upon the successful completion of a sale.

Services for Real Estate Buyers

If a buyer, particularly one who’s performing numerous transactions, wants to save money when purchasing commercial properties, the advisory model is beneficial. Here, buyers can pay by the hour to view properties, find potential purchases on their own, or pay for an advisor’s time as it’s needed. Upon closing, commissions are refunded because the services have already been bought. This may result in substantial savings for buyers.

Parting Thoughts

There’s very little doubt that working with a real estate advisor is extremely profitable if you are planning to become a property investor. After all, there’s much to learn in the real estate business. Advisors and consultants bring their specific expertise and experience to the table, but they provide more than mentorship, which some investors see as a waste of resources. Rather, an advisor will help you at every stage in the real estate purchase or sales process. By working with a real estate advisor, investors and buyers like you are more likely to make purchases they can live with.