NRIA is NOW accepting individual equity investors for its Class A Property Fund, providing access to a $750 Million portfolio of trophy real estate assets rapidly expanding with new development opportunities in South Florida, Metro New York, the Gold Coast of New Jersey, and Philadelphia.

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Building Opportunity from the Ground Up


NRIA is an award-winning investor, developer, and owner of luxury apartment and condominium communities.  Achieving peak NOI (net operating income) and maximum ROI (return on investment) during its 13-year track record has been a consequence of NRIA’s unique opportunistic investment strategy.


More than:


Rented or Sold


Billion in
Assets Under Management


Million Square Feet of
Prime Real Estate Completed


investor advantage

When evaluating a private real estate offering, the sponsor’s experience, know-how, relationships and track record are top considerations. NRIA is one of the few sponsors that manages all aspects of the development continuum, which translates into more value and higher returns for investors. NRIA is one of the very few sponsors financially successful enough to stand behind every project it does.

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 a proven track record of success

NRIA’s niche is multifamily acquisitions and ground up construction of luxury rental apartments, townhomes, and for-sale condominiums in the most dynamic urban centers and resort towns on the East Coast.



Annual investor historical returns consistently achieved through our disciplined investment process. General partner historical total returns of 3.4X equity and 116% ROI are documented in our track record.


Accredited investors have participated alongside us as principal partners in our historical Class A Property offerings. 90% of them have returned to reinvest again.

$110 Million

Amount that NRIA currently has in private equity funds invested under our careful management, creating over $750 Million of new construction development and yielding over $208,000,000 in anticipated gross profits.


the nria difference


We’re Paid Last — After You

As the fund sponsor, NRIA has an equity position alongside investors but by contract is paid after investors receive their targeted returns. This motivates our team to extract value at every stage of development — so we get paid too, but only after you!

Risk-Adjusted Returns Multiplier Effect

Investing in several multi-million-dollar real estate investments concurrently allows our clients to mirror an institutional level of investment/return — one that an individual investor on their own simply can’t achieve alone. The highest returns are earned from the “building creation” phase: taking a property from raw land to “14 stories high populated with occupants.” 

Mitigated Risk

Risk is mitigated through diversifying by geography, asset type and investment lifecycle, and properties are added, built and sold off in a continuous cycle.
Investor risk is limited to the initial capital investment.



Benefits to Investors:

  • Capital preservation

  • Monthly, tax-sheltered income stream

  • Superior investment returns based on a unique differentiated capital stack strategy unmatched in the industry

  • Eighty-five percent (85%) of units are rentals, underpinning a recession-proof strategy

  • Portfolio diversification beyond stocks, bonds and cash

  • Property type and geographic diversification so that if one building should ever fail, more than 14 others are there to pay investor returns

  • NRIA’s continual “buy build and sell” model adds additional collateral regularly

  • Counter weight to paper assets, which fluctuate with market volatility

  • Recession resilient portfolio with a hedge against inflation

  • High demand "cash flow" apartment buildings are sought after by insurance companies,  pension funds, hedge funds and structured investment groups looking for safe cash flowing properties


 what our clients are saying


“A unique approach... I was able to retire early... NRIA is very high integrity.”

“Less volatile than the stock market... higher returns... very satisfied.”


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