Fund Details

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NRIA Partners Portfolio Fund I, a Delaware Limited Liability Company to be managed by NRIA Partners Portfolio Fund I Manager, LLC focused on the aforementioned objectives, strategy, and target investments in its sole discretion.

Fund Sponsor: NRIA


Fund Size (Total Capital Commitment Target)
NRIA (Sponsor) Capital Commitment

$110,000,000 ($94M in capital commitments to-date)

5% of the targeted raise.


Minimum Capital Commitment

$1,000,000 Per Member Unit. Fractional Shares available with a minimum starting investment of $50,000.  Please call for details.


Targeted Preferred Return Structure

An above-market return structure:

  • Class A1 Members: Targeted 21.0% IRR, with a portion paid as a monthly coupon as detailed below.

  • Shares of Individual Member Units and pay out targets determined on a tiered commitment basis of 16%, 18%, 20% to 21% ROI dependent on your purchase level. Returns calculated on 100% of principal. There are no sales charges or “loads.”


Current (Coupon) Return

6.0% immediate annualized coupon, paid monthly, on capital deployed from the day of investment. Development period is defined as the first four (4) years following your investment date. Please see Private Placement Memorandum for further details.


Investment Period (Deployment)

Immediately upon funding. Once a property is closed by NRIA, a detailed memorandum describing the investment / development, along with a copy of the title and deed of ownership and new NRIA Portfolio Fund collateral closed will be delivered to investment partners.


Partnership Term

Five (5) years from your funding date, with one (1) 12-month extension option at the Sponsors (NRIA) sole discretion. Sponsor (NRIA) reserves the right to return capital (Principal), along with applicable return(s), at any time during the Partnership term.
Please see Private Placement Memorandum for further details.



Acquisition / Development Fee equal to 3.0% - 4.0% of the total capitalization of the respective acquisition / investment. Percentage varies based on total project size. Annual 1% property asset management fee. Fees are not charged to your principal.



Current (Coupon) 6% return structure distributed to Members as stated above. Remaining proceeds paid to Members following a liquidity event (i.e. Property Sale / Refinance). True-ups for years 1, 2 and 3 are paid in years 4 and 5 at the targeted rate of return. Please see Private Placement Memorandum for further details.


Redemption Period

30-month lock-out from the funds closing date. Following this period, all or a portion of Member unit interests may be redeemed. Please see Private Placement Memorandum for further details.