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Looking to diversify your portfolio? You can have it all with real estate—high, safe returns and diversification with the NRIA Partners Portfolio Fund of Prime Class A Properties.

Our proven approach combines strategic locations, land acquisition discounts, value engineering, efficient capitalization, and conservative financial models. Then add in our own rental/resale management, along with complete diversification in markets, timing and returns. The bottom line: Consistent expected returns of 16 – 21% with annual income for years! Our track record backs it up.

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  • Capital Preservation

  • Create a co-investment vehicle allowing investors to participate alongside the Operating Partner / Sponsor (NRIA), and build a collection of institutional-quality assets at a capital commitment which aligns; (i) efficient diversification of our balance sheet, and (ii) our investment partner(s) investment goals

  • Achieve superior risk-adjusted returns, with the benefit of a current pay & profit sharing structure to compensate investment partners immediately and throughout the development / investment process with an additional illiquidity premium generally reserved for [much] longer-term investment profiles

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  • Use a vast network to continually source (largely off-market) opportunities in markets where we have executed similar business plans countless times.

  • Leverage our vertically integrated investment, management, and development platform to provide a scalable & repeatable investment profile.

  • Partner with debt and/or equity lending / investment firms to efficiently capitalize each investment opportunity.

  • Focus on middle-market opportunities, which provide a unique risk / reward investment profile where deals are too large & complex for the small(er) retail type of investors, yet too small to hit large institutional investor screens.

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target investments

  • Multifamily, Townhome, Single family, Mixed-use development

  • Value-Add Multifamily

  • Special Situation / Opportunistic

    • Land for future development

    • Distressed Situations (Debt / Equity)





NRIA Partners Portfolio Fund I, a Delaware Limited Liability Company to be managed by NRIA Partners Portfolio Fund I Manager, LLC focused on the aforementioned objectives, strategy, and target investments in its sole discretion.

Fund Sponsor: NRIA


Fund Size (Total Capital Commitment Target)
NRIA (Sponsor) Capital Commitment

$110,000,000 ($90.0M in capital commitments to-date)

10% of the targeted raise.


Minimum Capital Commitment

$1,000,000 Per Member Unit. Fractional Shares available with a minimum starting investment of $50,000.  Please call for details.


Targeted Preferred Return Structure

An above-market return structure:

  • Class A1 Members: Targeted 16-21% IRR, with a portion paid as a monthly coupon as detailed below.

  • Shares of Individual Member Units and Pay Out Targets determined on a tiered commitment basis.


Current (Coupon) Return

6% annualized coupon, paid monthly, on capital deployed during the development period. The development period is the first four (4) years following your investment. Please see our Private Placement Memorandum for more details.


Investment Period (Deployment)

Immediately upon investment. Additionally, as each new property comes online, a detailed memorandum describing the investment / development, along with a copy of our purchase deed and title policy, is provided to you.


Partnership Term

  • Five (5) years from funding, with one (1) 12-month extension option at the Sponsors (NRIA) sole discretion.

  • Sponsor (NRIA) reserves the right to return capital (Principal), along with applicable return(s), at any time during the fund’s life. Please see our Private Placement Memorandum for further details.



Acquisition / Development Fee equal to 2%–4% of the total capitalization of the respective acquisition / investment. Percentage varies based on total project size. Annual 1% asset management fee.



Current (Coupon) return structure distributed to Members as stated above. Remaining proceeds paid to Members following a liquidity event (i.e. Property Sale / Refinance). True-ups for Years 1, 2, 3 to target levels contracted for are paid Years 4 and 5 at the targeted rate of return. Please see our Private Placement Memorandum for further details.


Redemption Period

30-month lock-out from the funds closing date. Following this period, all or a portion of Member unit interests may be redeemed. Please see our Private Placement Memorandum for further details.