Update on 160 Carroll St

December 11, 2018

160 Carroll St Nov18-04.jpg

The 160 Carroll St building is in its final stages of finishing and Condominium Documents for the state are now being prepared by Legal Counsel for the re-sale of these value packed condo units.

The façade restoration on the front of the building is complete. Stucco on the back of the building is being completed by the end of this week.

Scaffolding will be removed tomorrow November 12.

Today, kitchen cabinets were delivered. Installation will start tomorrow for all units and interior trim is in progress.

This fully finishes in February 2019 and starts pre-sales with Compass Realtors. March 2019 will be expected C of O s and re-sale close out by May/June 2019 in this very hot market.

Full accrued returns are expected for pay out at 12% from inception to date for all clients accrued for the entire duration.

BrooklynMatthew Callahan