Update on Hoboken Heights

1300 Manhattan Ave. in your portfolio is slated for closing and build January 15, 2019. All final entitlements in the lengthy zoning and approval process we have been through are near complete. This mega luxury build over-looking Hoboken and the NYC skyline/Hudson River will be some of the last new construction available for sale in Hoboken area at the time of market offering!

1300 Manhattan Renderings_Page_01.jpg

1300 Manhattan Ave.
(Hoboken Heights)

  • Design team is currently working on finalizing sewer connection with North Hudson Sewage Authority. Hearing is expected sometime in October 2018.

  • Geotechnical investigation currently on-going to determine rock profile, as well as soil and rock capacity for geotechnical engineer. This information is required for structural engineer to complete footing and structural design. Survey of boring locations will be performed this week and geotechnical requirements completed by next week. Full Geo Tech report is expected week of October 8th.

  • Build CD’s are at approximately 75%. Design team is expected to have permits sets ready with final sewer connection details, structural details, revised drainage with 100 % CD’s ready for permits in the next 60 days.

  • Planning board update meeting is expected to take place in November 2018 - but the property is zoning approved.

  • Building department review process estimated to take 3 months from submission which must be subsequent to PB approval.

  • Once construction commences, estimated construction timeline is about 30 months.

Matthew Callahan