Update on 116 Reed St (Reed Estates)

March 21, 2019

Reed Estates has officially moved in its first resident and the builder is gathering more applications behind it!

116 Reed Mar2019-03.JPG

December 11, 2018

116 Reed St Nov2018-01.jpg

Unit 15 has final plumbing in progress. 

Units 9 to 14 tile is in progress. From those units, Unit 13 will be the first unit to go to Final Plumbing the week of 11/19.

Trim is in progress at Units 6 to 8. 

Units 5, 16, & 17 are in sheetrock. 

Rough mechanicals in Units 18 to 22 are being completed. City Rough Framing Inspections estimated to begin 11/16. 

We are also estimated to start rough mechanicals in Units 23-26 the week of 11/26.

Final framing punch outs are being completed now in units 1, 2, & 3.  Façade install and underground utilities are scheduled to start 11/26.

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