Update on 318 Federal Highway

December 11, 2018

The builders have 4 major developers looking at this prime location next to the newly built A-loft hotel and residences. 

They have just recently dropped the price which is why there has been so much activity.  They are preparing their design plans and reviewing their proformas.  The intent is to acquire the other two adjacent lots; which gives them the entire block like the A-loft which is on the next adjacent street.

It is expected that when the season hits in the next few months we will be under contract.

318 Federal highway is now listed for sale and our demo application is pending.  As soon as it is issued all the existing structures on the lot will be demolished and will be prime for construction.  Please see the link below and you will see the amazing progress of the Aloft hotel and the evolution of this core commercial corridor.

FloridaMagan Carrigan