Update on 8 Kenwood (Saddle River Homes)

June 26, 2019


Good progress being made at 8 Kenwood Rd. The electrical, fire and plumbing rough inspections are complete.  

The cedar siding is about 50% complete and the exterior stone has been ordered.  

Please take the time to view the listing by clicking on the link below.


May 2018


February 26, 2019

The asphalt roof has been completed on the new building and on the pool room. 


December 11, 2018

The house has been demolished and the site cleared of debris. 

The plans have been revised to allow for a higher basement to 9’ from the existing 7’-6”.

The builder has started the excavation for the footings at this time.

There are no major issues at this time to delay the project.

The architect has been in consultation with the building inspector on options for this project.

The engineer has completed a plan for the building inspector to review to get past this regulation.

If this is not acceptable a residential fire sprinkler system will need to be installed.

New JerseyMagan Carrigan